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Asset Integrity Management

Involves strategies, processes, and systems to maintain asset reliability, safety, and performance throughout their lifecycle. Mitigating risks effectively.

Drilling Operations

Dilling operations involve using specialized equipment and techniques to create holes in various materials for exploration, mining, or construction.

Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing

For assessing material integrity and quality without causing damage. Inspection identifies defects and ensures compliance, while NDT methods detect flaws and discontinuities.

Data Management & Analytics

Data management and analytics involve organizing, storing, and analyzing large volumes of data to extract meaningful insights and improve decision-making.


For Oil & Gas, Chemical & Renewable Energy

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Reviews from our Happy Client

We engaged Blaqskye International for cathodic protection and were impressed by their expertise and professionalism. They delivered a tailored solution on time, using quality materials, improving our asset performance. Highly recommend their reliable services.

Abiodun Bureau Veritas

We recently engaged Blaqskye International for continuous corrosion monitoring and control of our offshore oil platform. We are highly satisfied with their timely recommendations and effective improvements, which have significantly enhanced the integrity and performance of our platform.

Ladi John Kramer

We enlisted Blaqskye International for internal coating of our oil pipeline and were highly satisfied with their work. Their team executed the project efficiently, using quality coatings to enhance pipeline integrity. We commend their expertise and recommend their services for effective pipeline protection."

Bidemi Reys & Reina

About Us

Blaqskye offers asset integrity and management services using advanced technologies to ensure longevity, reliability and safety of your critical assets. They analyze, identify risks and prescribe solutions to optimize performance and safeguard your infrastructure

We Follow Best Practices

We adhere to industry best practices in the oil and gas sector to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance in all our operations.